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When I was in elementary school, I was in the Orion program, which was basically the district's gifted and talented program. My brother was also, and in any case my mom became friends with the leader of the program. As it turns out, a local photographer, whose children were also in Orion, was looking for someone to build a webpage, and the Orion teacher suggested me. We met, and I was hired. I set out to create a dynamic webpage; in order to allow for inexpensive hosting, I developed it such that it could read in text files in order to change the information that was displayed, so that most of the content on the page was read dynamically. In addition, I set it up so that it would display sample pictures, pulled from whatever pictures were uploaded into the category. My biggest regret was that I couldn't find a way to create thumbnails on the server, in order to save loading times on slower connections. The thumbnails that are displayed are currently just the entire image, resized at the browser level. I was trying to make it as easy as possible for the user to add new images, and I decided that requiring them to create a thumbnail image as well would be too cumbersome. Aside from that, I feel the site turned out nicely. You can see my version of the site (which has since changed) here: Glenn Edwards Photography.

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