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Version has been released. You can get it through automatic updates or through the download link on the main page. This version fixes more errors, such as the radar no longer working properly (with respect to animations). had made another change. Other errors were fixed as well.


Version 2.3 has been released. You can get it through automatic updates or through the download link on the main page. Work on 2.4 will start soon; that will have new features. For now, enjoy the improved stability and revamped settings page of 2.3 (as well as some slight new features).

(1/14/05) altered their site slightly, with the effect of breaking radar and hanging the program if any NWS alerts are received. I am in the process of testing a version that fixes these issues as well as, of course, adding more things (however subtle) and fixing other issues discovered. Expect release to automatic updates within a day or two. If you visit the download link the new version is there if you want to use it immediately.

  • changed their radar and their NWS alert pages; this fixes the broken radar and hanging program that resulted
  • Fixed problem with docking resulting in program "jumping" back and forth for certain resolutions
  • Better handling of NWS alerts with two tray icons
  • Balloon tip status messages now work again for problems such as no location or no internet connection
  • Enabled permanent mute and mute based on time range
  • Enabled option for fadeout on exit and window resize animations
  • Restored Uninstall button in settings, ensured confirmation of uninstall before proceeding
  • Fixed issue with program essentially hanging if no internet connection is available
  • Added install counter (see how many people are using the current version of WeathAlert)
  • links now show you where they are going
  • Rewrote large portions for improved stability
  • Improved error reports sent to me, so I can better fix any problems


I have recently released another test version of 2.3 (; new features in 2.3 include:

  • A complete overhaul of the weather storage and retrieval system, in preparation for the display of detailed forecast data
  • A complete overhaul of the radar map retrieval system - radar is now cached and less prone to being downloaded unnecessarily
  • A complete code review for the GUI, which should result in far fewer bugs (not that there were terribly many to begin with), particularly with respect to leaving the program running for a long time.
  • Support for the display of national weather service alerts. If an NWS alert is received, it will alert you and display it.
  • When the radar is clicked, a much larger and more detailed view is displayed in a separate window.
  • As mentioned, detailed forecasts (including hour-by-hour) will be added soon (2.4).

New in this release:

  • Settings area has been completely overhauled
  • Program more robust (design flaw corrected)
  • Added ability to have more than 2 locations
  • Added ability to enable/disable NWS alerts as well as configure sound options
  • Added ability to play a sound for inclement weather/extreme temperature notifications
  • Added ability to show one or both tray icons
  • Added ability to change tray icon temperature's font (not yet functional, more work is needed)
  • Added ability to mute all sounds
  • Added ability to delay initial internet access
  • Enabled weather data to update in the background, so that it doens't freeze the program while it's downloading
  • Compensated for's occasional failure to deliver radar images
  • Fixed .NET 1.1 SP1 causing text to look ugly
  • Added ability for window to "snap" to screen edges (this will cause issues for some people, fixed in next release)

Version 2.2 added the following features and improvements:

  • Color settings for the tray icon temperature has a full GUI (including transparency ability)
  • Added the "view toolbar"
  • The tray icon temperature display turns red for high temperatures and blue for low, ad defined in the alert settings.
  • Several issues were fixed as well.

WeathAlert features:

  • Displays current condition data, forecast data, and radar maps, with easy toggling between two locations (e.g. home and work).
  • Displays a number of radar maps, both single maps and animations.
  • Several different view options to show as much or as little information as you like.
  • Program can easily be hidden to and recalled from the system tray.
  • System tray can display the current temperature, a small icon representing the current conditions, or both.
  • Automatic updates, making it simple to keep up with all of my releases.
  • Alert notifications, notifying you if the temperature goes above or below certain thresholds, or alerting you if the conditions become inclement, utilizing balloon tips.
  • The icons can be skinned.
  • Highly configurable.

Color scheme: